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x- See c-
x7eníl̓e discipline one's...
x7ens forbid, scold
xa7xet lonely, nostalgic
xe7xe7tsín lonely song
xegxégt draughty, windy...
xekín just about, almost...
xelenwéllen̓ able to, manage to...
xelewen̓s able to do stg., ...
xelk̓wílc Slide down suddenly
xelme7úy get worse; gone too far
xelpnéws,-es (elso l̓) go and meet sb., ...
xelq-ém, -etés attach, stick away,...
xelqew̓s-e,-es clasp
xelqew̓stn buckle
xelqpellq̓wel̓t (E elt) remain stuck in the...
xelq̓-ém, -etés roll stg.
xelq̓úle7cw disc-rolling game...
xelsepsp̓-ém, -etés beat around
xelsép̓méke7 baseball bat
xeltskwéns catch it
xelxelécw, xelxlácw teeth
xelxlélcw corn, maize
xel̓-/xel- (approximately: off,...
xel̓tskw-ném, -éns grab, get hold of
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Page 1 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 390 total

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