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xel̓t̓q-um,-wetes slap stg. off/aside
xel̓wetk-úm,-wetes grab stg. flying in...
xel̓wíkts catch sight of stg.
xempúlecw vegetation has dried up
xéne hurt; hurt: teh7 wes...
xéne-ke "I got hurt"
xenéy̓e pretend to be hurt
xenstés hurt sb.
xep, xepes chomp, chomp
xép-em, -es chew, crunch, gnaw
xepepíp crunching sound...
xeptspetsín said it all,...
xeqpe7wéllen to learn (to do or...
xeqpe7wens to understand, learn
xeqpewéllen̓ to learn (to do/make...
xeqpewén̓s understand, learn
xeqxeq, exték fitting exactly
xeqxeqt selfish, unwilling...
xeq̓-em, -es pay shaman for cure
xesxesellp broomgrass
xetéqs front, ahead, first
xetk̓um See xetkwetés, "to...
xetk̓wén̓kes cut the umbilical cord
xetk̓wetés/xítk̓wes cut up, cut with...
xetk̓wmeke7 scissors
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Page 2 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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