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preview Word Translation
xetspqíqekst hundred
xetspqiqekst t̓e scecenc hundred millions
xetspqiqekst t̓e scecénc t̓e scecénc hundred billions
xetspqiqekst t̓e scenc hundred thousands
xetspstés do all sorts of...
xetsptés to do all sorts of...
xetsxétst straight
xetsxetst t̓e sxyéne even numbers
xets̓níse7 bare the fangs
xets̓úll Soda Creek Reserve
xetxet7ílc limp
xet̓míns hungry for stg....
xew-u,-es take off bark/skin...
xewelentséms she will embarrass me
xewéllq̓welt dry throat
xewen̓s See xelwen̓s
xewt dry
xewxewít curlew
xex7éts heat ripples...
xexé7 impressive; smart,...
xexé7 ne sq̓wléwu good picker
xexe7ekst stern
xexe7etkwe rough water; gin
xexe7úl̓ecw impassable...
xexel̓estsút act stupid, do...
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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