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preview Word Translation
xexéne get hurt
xexestsút think (too) highly...
xexet7ílc limp
xexetílc lame, to limp
xexetílc to limp
xexetsín loud voice as a...
xexetsút show off
xexewít (Cc D K w̓) Do curlew
xeximellile large bushes
xexqse7 stick-throwing game...
xextst dancing of the...
xexuwetsút dry oneself
xexwlentsút embarrass yourself
xexyewewíw̓elc bigger, grow up
xéymes furious at, scold sb.
xge7eyqetn stone corral for salmon
xge7wén̓s to find out
xgelcwptem̓ residue on bottom of...
xgellqpetkwe fall through the ice
xgeltk upstream area
xgens marten
xgep torn off
XgepelltíÒse feeling angry
xgepme7 tip of arrow
xgépmen̓ tip of arrow
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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