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xgesgísse arch one's eyebrows,...
xgetsektn strap to tighten cinch
xgetselcsqexe7tn tethering rope
xgetsén̓ksten large intestine
xgetsen̓kstn large intestine
xgetsqíqe7 tie end of braid
xgetssqexe7tn place where one...
xgetsúl̓ecwu tether
xget̓kwe deep (water)
xget̓t very deep
xgét̓tem̓ Dog Creek Reserve
xgeyeqe7 bee, bumblebee
xgeypéllts̓e feeling angry
xgígelc breeze
xgíg̓wete put in jail (plur.)
xgilc cold wind blows
xgipéllts̓e anger building inside
xgipepellts̓e cranky
xgwelan̓ktn kindling
xgwélecw fox
xgwésgwsenk sunny side of mountain
xgwespenk sunny side of mountain
xi7eyelc stall around, keep...
xíg-u,-es/xgetés tear apart
xíget torn off
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Page 5 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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