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xígetes breaks down
xik̓wt crunching of dry...
xíle act thus, that way
xílltmes what will be done...
xillts do stg. thus, that...
xílmes to act thus, to act...
xilt it is possible, one...
ximéllcw big house
ximel̓cke big (person or animal)
ximenk pot-bellied
ximetkwe sea, ocean
ximúl̓ecw big place
xinesq̓tn calendar
xíp̓es pinch
xíp̓ete cold, windless and...
xíq-, -es rub hard, scrub, E ...
xíts̓qse7 bare the fangs
xíts̓se bare the fangs
xit̓-e, -ens gnaw
xixéyt hot
xixeyúl̓ecw hot place
xixeyúl̓ecw hot water
xixiyúlecw hot place (dessert)
xixyep hot
xixyétkwe hot water
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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