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xixyey̓p eager
xiymelst boulder
xiyúy̓e bigger
xkwetyen̓kce square cloth to wrap...
xkwleqsísel̓t black bear cub. word...
xl-em,-entés build a loghut
xlecw, xlacw tooth
xleq stuck
xleq̓ rolled over/away
xletsqexe7 call domestic animals
xlílep/xlíl̓ep board floor
xlitc ask for stg.
xlitcts ask sb. for stg.
xlítec invite guests
xlítens invite
xmekstes make/consider stg....
xmenk heavy
xmenkílc load oneself heavily
xmetés dry stg. out
xnicw (E xnucw) steps leading down...
xpé7e great grandfather
xpellcw shingles
xpellcwtn side boards of house
xpem, xpetés pile up (flat...
xptinesten mind/thoughts
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Page 7 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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