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xp̓-u,-etes stitch up, join
xp̓épqetn hair clip
xp̓etwécwsts join, pin up a small...
xq-u,-etes learn, predict, guess
xqe7wécte to find out about his
xqe7wéllen̓ learn (to do/make stg.)
xqe7wenentsút get to know...
xqe7wen̓c you will learn
xqe7wén̓s find out
xqelmecwesk̓e ancestral name
xqelmecwetkwe Same as ‰äöqelmexúl̓exw
xqelmecwícwelt Indian child
xqelmucwétkwe mythical beings half...
xqelq̓el̓ps bandana
xqelte7cesell spring salmon
xqeltk upstream area
xqeltkékst north wind
xqel̓mecwesk̓e ancestral name
xqel̓tkep type of falcon
xqentwécw to make plans together
xqeqeltkep falcon
xqeqmetkwe lukewarm water (in...
xqeqy-e7,-e7s ship cattle
xqeq̓ey̓tn dirt-roof structure
xqesqespúps restless; antsy
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Page 8 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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