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xqetes put in between,...
xqetwecw make plans together
xqet̓ektn martingale
xqet̓eqse hang/keel over (as...
xqet̓ye7tn swing cradle
xqet̓yúle7ten baby swing
xqet̓yúle7ten swing (for children)
xqewén̓s to find out
xqewén̓ses learns
xqi7mín̓ notebook
xqíll-u,-es wake up several persons
xqillt wake up (plur.)
xqiqyen̓kces tickle sb.'s footsole
xqiqyen̓kes tickle sb.'s stomach
xqíts̓qe7tn grizzard
xqixpéles not in one's right mind
xqlewíw̓elt newborn beaver
xqlew̓tn purse, wallet
xqlús-e,-es soak dried fish
xqpípke7tn saddle blanket
xqts̓eps-e,-es (E xqets̓peps-) strangle (with a rope)
xqts̓ús-e7,-e7s darn
xqts̓úske7 darning needle
xqút̓e smoke (tobacco)
xqút̓kw-e7,-e7s soak
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Page 9 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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