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xyum t̓e pesellkwe ocean
xyum big, large
xymetkwe big water
xyewílc got bigger
xyestsút stuck-up, think too...
xyestes think the world of...
xyep hot, feverish
xyén-e,-s count
xy-e,-étes heat
xwyúske7 file, E also...
xwyús-e7,-e7s sharpen (a blade)
xwyeqs ice chisel
xwul̓ecw (xegwul̓ecw) drought.
xwúlecw dry place
xwts̓ílcmeses to insist (on doing...
xwts̓ilc insist (on doing stg.)
xwtellp Indian rhubarb...
xwnup̓t hooked nose (salmon)
xwníse blow one's nose
xwmíw̓ye rust
xwixwyúystn horsetail, scouring...
xwixwyey(e)qs shrew
xwixwyelese stingy of things...
xwixwye like
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Page 1 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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