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xwíxwexwi7ksts "clean up on sb.'s...
xéne-ke "I got hurt"
xel̓-/xel- (approximately: off,...
xexewít (Cc D K w̓) Do curlew
xelewen̓s able to do stg., ...
xelenwéllen̓ able to, manage to...
xexel̓estsút act stupid, do...
xíle act thus, that way
xqwepqwepe7íke7 afraid that danger...
xqwsimetkwe algae, water plants
xtsep all kinds,...
xwexwyúlecwenet all over the country
xwexwéyt all‰
xqelmecwesk̓e ancestral name
xqel̓mecwesk̓e ancestral name
xgipéllts̓e anger building inside
xtseks-t,-cts approach game...
xgesgísse arch one's eyebrows,...
xwexwéyt r ck̓etem̓s area
xlitc ask for stg.
xlitcts ask sb. for stg.
xelq-ém, -etés attach, stick away,...
xqwtsílctn autobus
xqwleqsísel̓t baby bear
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Page 1 of 16, showing 25 record(s) out of 389 total

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