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preview Word Translation
tyéne go all the way around
y7ats̓ squeak (as bedspring)
y7eq̓ compressed (as plug...
y7ets wrinkled up (material)
y7ucw get accustomed
y7ul have a taste
y7uq̓w rotting, rotten (wood)
y7ut lovage, "Indian...
yalt tangled
yats̓cne7 shoes creak
yats̓t squeak (as bedspring)
ye-ekwe and then,...
ye7éne here!, this (handing...
ye7éne ri7 this is
yec it is the one...
yécelqw long (stick, pole,...
yect long
yect t̓e cmesqín̓ce rectangle
yecúm See yexwentés
yecúp fall down (of an end...
yecwékst learn how to handle...
yecwelstsút have an illegitimate...
yecwelt give birth (woman,...
yecwemetsút watch out, be...
yecwemíns watch, look after
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 7, showing 25 record(s) out of 152 total

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